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For about 32 years, we have remained a symbol of purity. The content within our consumers is what inspires us. Through strong commitment, sustainable practices and our dedication for good dairy, we have come a long way. All our efforts are towards the goodness for our consumers and this comes to possibility only through healthier and pure products.

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Shakti milk

Why Choose SR Thorat

S R Thorat Milk Products, famously known as Thorat Dairy has been a symbol of purity in the market for over more than two decades.

The contentment of the consumers inspires us to strive for our commitment for high quality milk & milk products. We have strong foot hold in regional as well as national markets. We envision pan India presence in the years to come.

Currently, we are producing and marketing four varieties of milk namely Activ, Prime, silk & Tea-top , these are wholesome, Low fat, speciality milk & milk suitable for Tea-coffee respectively. To make it happen our insulated milk tankers collect milk from our chilling centers and Bulk Milk Cooling centers located in villages where our producer farmers bring fresh milk in the morning and evening The raw milk is subjected to strict quality checks at the centers like Adulterants, Antibiotics and various quality checks those are essential to assess the wholesome ness of milk. This milk is transported to main Dairy Plant at Sangamner, where it is processed and hygienically packed and stored at refrigerated temperatures thereafter transported through the insulated vans to the cities. We ensure the freshness and wholesomeness of milk through its journey from farms to shelves of the retailers in the cities.


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Quality Products

Agriculture Matters to the Future of Development

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SR Thorat Milk

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SR Thorat Milk

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Visit our Milkcraft website to see our delicious flavored milk for your child. Our milk is made by green-fed cows, making it very healthy for your child.
Important Information
S.R.Thorat Milk is sourced from Grass fed Cows.

It’s rich in high-quality protein and important vitamins and minerals, including calcium, phosphorus and B vitamins.


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